This site is intended to help those who are learning to play fiddle music, and others interested in the fiddle.
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As a beginning fiddler, I found the sites below interesting and useful. I hope you will too.  All Internet users should endeavour to observe copyright laws, and respect the works of all creative artists. Thanks to all those who have provided so much information to us learners via the web! 
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Scenes from Fiddle Performances:
Collage of Fiddle and Piano Recital by Kimberley Holmes' students and special fiddle guests.   Parrsboro Fiddle Camp in May.  The Caledonian Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Performance in Tantallon.  Maritime Fiddle Festival 2006. Atlantic Jazz Festival in Halifax. 

About "THE CONCERT" with Yvon Cuillerier and Calvin Vollrath.

and see many fiddle videos at:
My YouTube Videos

(Flickr photographs - another hobby)

Maritime Fiddlers
NEWS!! Fiddle Workshop and Contest Sept. 22 and 23. More Info Here.

Fiddlers in Maritime Canada
Gordon Stobbe
Jerry Holland
(N.S. - C.B.)
Jennifer Roland
(N.S. - C.B.)
Natalie MacMaster
(N.S. - C.B.)
Ivan Hicks
Ray Legere
J. P. Cormier
(N.S. - C.B.)
Howie MacDonald
(N.S. - C.B.)
Buddy MacMaster
(N.S. - C.B.)
Roy Johnstone
Kendra MacGillivray
Wendy MacIsaac
(N.S. - C.B.)
Glenn Graham
(N.S. - C.B.)
Richard Wood
Alycia Putnam
Brenda Stubbert
(N.S. - C.B.)
Ashley MacIsaac
(N.S. - C.B.)
Jackie Dunn
(N.S. -C.B.)
Fiddler's Sons
Keith Ross
The Cottars
(N.S. - C.B.)
Barra MacNeils
(N.S. - C.B.)
(N.S. - C.B.)
Matilda Murdoch
Troy MacGillivray
Dwayne Cote
(N.S. - C.B.)
Slainte Mhath
(N.S. - C.B.)
Nathan Condon
Ned Landry
Fleur Mainville
David MacIsaac
(N.S. - C.B.)
Andrea Beaton
(N.S. - C.B.)
Kimberley Fraser
(N.S. - C.B.)
Matilda Murdoch
Dominique Dupuis
Other Great Fiddlers (a Siegel productions Site)

Computers can provide many useful learning resources for fiddlers. Links to music sites and more are found below. Many computer programs can help players by slowing down the music, showing the notes, proividing a metronome, etc.  Three essential free programs for me are VanBasco's MIDI PLayer, Audacity to record with, and Easy HiQ Recorder to capture any sound played on my computer as an  MP3. All beginners should also join the Yahoo Group Fiddle Crazy. It has over 600 fiddlers from all over the world. Check out more about music programs for fiddlers.
Favourite performers: Jerry Holland and Cynthia MacLeod. Favourite fiddle recordings by: Calvin Vollrath, Janelle Dupuis, and Alasdair Fraser.   Most Innovative Fiddlers: Daniel Lapp and the late Oliver Schroer. CD most pleasant to play along with: The Lovers' Waltz. Latest fiddler delight: Gillian BoucherFavourite band: Everything Fitz. Inspiring Fiddlers: Matilda Murdoch and Gordon Stobbe.
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Special Links:
Best Practice A Free program to slow CDs to a speed where you can play along.

Album Liner Notes about many Canadian Fiddlers

A Brief History of Fiddling in Canada.

Fiddle Info
The Music
More Music
Wendela Moes' New Fiddle Info MIDIs from All Tabs
Barry Taylor's traditional Tunebook  *
Robert Cauer on Violin Care *
Richard Robinson's Collection (Midi and Sheet) *
Jack's MIDI Music (Many types of music!) *
Caring for the Violin
Free Irish  Scores from Breizh Partitions
Tunes from  * (MP3, MIDI and GIF)
Choosing Violin Strings Irish MP3s from Clips and Snips * BBC Virtual Sessions *
Changing Strings Slow Fiddle MP3s of Irish Tunes * Dancing On the Air Radio from Jay Ungar
String Information from Ifshin Violins Irish Sheet Music & MIDIs from Nova Sessions * Jordan's Traditional Tunes
About Electric Violins
Irish Tunes from Richard jordan's Collection Hetzler's Fakebook MIDIs
Tips on Fiddle care  
O'Neills Music of Ireland, Airs and Songs VanBasco's MIDI Search *
Violin Acoustics Traditional Music Co. MIDI Explorer Search
About the violin and its history
Wild Dismay Tunes ( MIDI , Sheet and ABC) Tune Finder (Sheet and MIDI) *
Violin Care
Irish Tunes
from the Ceili House Band
Edward Hetzler's Collection (MIDI)
(Download the excellent MIDI player!)
About Bows
Irish MIDIs from Sligo-man Traditional Tunes from  8notes (MIDI)
Bow reviews
O'Carolan Tunes , sequenced by Barry Taylor The Fiddler's Companion,  **MANY ABCs and history
Violin maintenance  
More O'Carolan MIDIs Traditional Folk Music Database
Bowing and Good Tone  from Fiddle Crazy
Gladys' Celtic Corner (MIDI and Sheet Music)
Dulcimers MIDIs
About Rosin
Allans Irish Fiddle Tunes MIDI and Sheet A "Ring" of MIDI Sites  
Tuning a Violin Tony's Celtic Music Pages
Mostly Irish Jigs and Reels (MIDI)  
More MIDIs from Richard Jordan
Choosing  Violin The Kitchen Musician Collection
(a large collection of MIDI & sheet music)
International Traditional Tunes
( MIDI and lyrics )
Buying a Violin Medleys from Electric Scotland
Sheet Music
About the Violin Bridge Scottish Fiddle Laura's MIDI Heaven - varied MIDI resources
Fiddle Resources from the Yale Library
Scottish Tunes (MIDI and lyrics) MIDI Haven  (Modern MIDIs)
The Violin (Thinkquest)
Celtic Midis  from Abacci Music
Eric Foxley's Folk Music Database (Sheet music)
Violin On Line Canadian Celtic Music
More Sheet Music
Legends and Lore of the Fiddle (American) Celtic Tunes from Abacci (MIDI)
The Great Canadian Tunebook (MIDI and lyrics)
ABC Musical Notation ** More Scottish MIDIs and Lyrics Jigs and Reels  - ABCs and Sheet Music
from   The
Atlantic Violin Supplies Specials
Cranford Publications * Sheet Music Directory
Town's End Strings & Things
Cape Breton Tunes Midis and Sheet Music
English Traditional Music
About Violin Making by Hans Johannsson
MIDIs of Traditional Canadian Tunes
Canadian Historical Sound Recordings
Violins on e-Bay
Cajun mp3 downloads Notingham Folk Music Database * MIDI  & Sheet
Fiddling Around the World Old Time Music MIDI Archive Nigel Gatherers Tune Index (ABCs, many Scottish)
Fiddle Tradition of N.E. Scotland A Sorted List of  popular MIDIs The Online Music School links from  master fiddle player  Jim McKillop 
Videos of Players from Northern Europe *
Mudcat Cafe MIDIs
Video and Audio Clips from North-East Scotland
Rounder Records Bluegrass MIDI Files Many Traditional Folk Songs
Sheet Music for Traditional Tunes

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Events, Contests and Camps
Of Interest to Fiddlers
Learning Music
Celtic Colours
Fiddle Net - links to other fiddlers
MusicMoose Video Lessons (GREAT)  
Maritime Fiddlers Association Calendar
The Fiddler's Companion * Resources for New Fiddlers from Scotty the Fiddler
Maritime Fiddle Festival
Maritime Fiddlers Association *
University of Vermont Lessons    Videos
2008 May Fiddle Camp in Parrsboro 
Fiddle Crazy Discussion Group   *
Members often play fiddle in chat section.
Beginners Fiddle Lessons
from Folk of the Wood - other instruments too!
The Baddeck Gathering Ceilidhs
Adult Beginners Group * also helpful!
Great Lessons from Westbury Park Strings
Fiddlers and Followers Weekend
Fiddle-L Listserv at Brown U.
Michele Determan's Lessons
Maine Fiddle Camp
Fiddler Magazine  Gary Ewer's Lessons *
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling
Quick Guide to Reading Music Theory from the Tonal Centre 
Canadian Old Time Fiddle Contest
Maritime Fiddling Groups *
Music Ed at DataDragon
Olde Tyme Fiddle and Dance Contest
Denny's Fiddle Links Mr. Fiddle's Pages
Deep Roots Music Festival About Types of Scottish Tunes
Music theory Online  *by Dr. Brian Blood
Musicians from East Coast  Music Online
Fiddle Players Discussions
San Francisco Symphony's music lessons
Creamery Ceilidhs
Celtic Heritage Magazine Sanger's Guide to Learning Irish Fiddle 
Inverness County Ceilidhs
Metronomes and fiddling
Tips for learning Irish Fiddling 
Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts Intonation Exercises from Kristi Hughes
Books From Elderly Instruments
Ceilidh Trail  Workshops (July)
About Tapping Your Foot
Books and Tapes
Hockley Valley Music Camp
The Fiddle Farm on PEI
FiddleBooks .com
Lunenburg Folk Festival
Some Possible Injuries
Books from Andy's Front Hall
Fiddler's Retreat  in Ireland
Playing Posture
Fott Fiddle Camp -  June in New Brunswick
Tips from the Fiddlerwoman Fiddle Bowing and other video lessons
Emma Lake Fiddle Camp  in saskatchewan
About Vibrato for fiddlers
Reading Music by  Kevin Meixner
Vinland Music - Music Camp  in Newfoundland
Learn to Play by Ear from
"Music and the Brain" from CBC radio
Meadowlark Music Camp  in Maine
Playing by Ear from **
Music Theory from  music
Oakville Celtic Fiddle Club - Oakville Ontario Picking Up Tunes by Ear
Ricci Adams"
Events in Nova Scotia
from "Canadian Celtic Music" *
Fiddle Styles
8 Notes Blues Violin Lessons
Celtic, East Coast and Country Music in Canada
from Atlantic Seabreeze

Violin Flash Cards for Reading Notes
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There are more pictures of my fiddles on Flickr.
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