Taking and Manipulating Digital Images                 

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 Good Free Programs

IRFANVIEW:  This is great freeware by Irfan Skiljan. It has been around for years, is very easy to use and permits many basic editing features. It also lets you quickly prepare slide shows.

Photo Wizard: A useful image manipulation program with most of the useful simple features including preparation of photo galleries.

ImageForge: This basic paint and image editor is freeware from CursorArts

It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

Picasa: It is a free download from Google for management and editing.

Free on-line photo editing - no graphics program needed.

Taking Digital Pictures

Composition Techniques
10 Tips  for Better Photographs from Kodak
More Tips on many aspects of shooting.

How a Digital Camera Works:  An introduction to megapixels, memory cards, resolution and more.
Photography Basics: from holding a camera, to composition, etc.
Basics of Digital photography (in a printable fromat)
Pixel Specs : information about picture elements and the effect of larger numbers of pixels.
Pixels and Printing: How many pixels you need to shoot with to get good prints.
Advice for First Time digital Camera Users.  Useful to most photographers with suggestions on several topics.
A Short Course in Choosing a Digital Camera: This is an excellent site which is well presented and organized.
More on Selecting a Digital Camera
Basics of Digital Photography for the web. from  Berkeley.
Nine Tips for Taking Better Digital Pictures
Learn all about your photos, or anyone else's by looking at Exif info.

Manipulating Digital Images

A short course on Editing Digital Photographs.
Ways to Use Digital Photos from Kodak
Irfanview Tutorial 
Editing with Irfanview from the University of Nebraska
Image Editing with Irfanview by Stephen Comer
How to Create a Web Photo Gallery With Irfanview - a step by step recipe.
More indepth information on   Digital Imaging from Kodak
10 Steps in Preparing Digital Photos from  About.com

Sources of Digital Images
(One can get useful ideas from observing good photos)
FLICKR - The most interesting photo site on the web!
Shutterbugs - lots pics of updated daily
FreeFoto - thousands of pictures free for private use
Gimp Savvy: more than 27,000 free photos
Canadian Culture:  by photographers from across Canada

TERMINOLOGY from FrogPrints

Sharing  Your Photos

flickr Warning ! You could become one of the many Flickr Addicts...
Tips on printing digital photos from APTE
Preparing Photos for the Web from About.com
Creating Web Photo Galleries  from About.com
Five tips for e-mailing pictures , from Kodak

What to do With Your Digital Images
(You will be taking many more pictures with digital cameras than you ever did with film. Here are some ways  to use them.)
Publish them online at  Flickr. This can be either free or paid depending on how it is used.
Create interactive jigsaw puzzles from your photos with a free program from  Kraisoft.
Make Photobooks. These are not free. Minibooks and larger ones can be made with your pics.
Black's has many other ideas from photo mugs, to calendars, to blankets.
Have Atlantic Superstore's online service prepare gifts.
Make a Screensaver slideshow from your shots. Right-click any blank area of your desktop. Click on Properties, then click on the Screen Saver tab, and choose My Pictures Slideshow from the drop down menu. Get Creative with HP's ideas.
Add comic book style captions to any photo for free with Captioner. For those who want professional level photo edits consider Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.
Produce a PhotoCD with Picassa, a free download from Google. Many other programs are free to try at  All Graphic Design and most cost less than Photoshop.
Produce a Photo DVD at mysharedphotos. Use Picture and Sound freeware to create a slide show with sound.
Create a simulated collage from one photo with Hockneyizer. Use Windows Movie Maker (already on your XP system) to make video slide shows with sound.
Create your own magazine cover. Use SoundPix to add sound to a  photo. It embeds audio in the Exif header of JPEG image files.
Check out other creations from billboards to movie posters with Flickr Toys. Create paint-by-number patterns from your own photos with Color by Number.

Forums for  discussions about digital photography
Use a photoblog.
Imaging Resource Forums .   A collection of several forums on topics of interest to many.
Yahoo Groups . Enter "Digital Photography" in the search box and  read about hundreds of groups where people can ask and answer questions.